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I set aside some time to review and share my thoughts about an Intermittent Fasting App called “Fastic”.  At the moment, Fastic is currently my go-to mobile intermittent fasting application – and by that, I mean I’ve used it every day since I have downloaded it. So far, I’ve enjoyed using it and found it to be a useful mobile application to download.

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We understand that there are many intermittent fasting apps available and people in the community are looking for trusted opinions to help them decide which one to pick. This especially applies to the Fastic app, which is a fairly new intermittent fasting app that just arrived in our Google Play and Apple stores within the past couple of years. So, keep on reading to get my full overview. I’ve also included a video if you prefer to watch, where I actually open the app for you to see the different features as well.


Fastic was founded by Phillip Wayman and Sebastian Wettcke back in April of 2019, a little less than two years from the date of this article’s publish date. According to the website, their vision is to bring healthy fasting to everyone and their mission is to fascinate people to live a healthy life. Today, Fastic exists as a dynamic, internationally remote company dedicated to putting intermittent fasting at the heart of a holistically healthy lifestyle.

With over 25 years of fasting knowledge and over 20,000 success stories put into the Fastic app, their team brings fasting to the world in a simple, accessible way and they are committed to providing trustful and reliable information to your fingertips (1). But, enough about the company background and mission – let’s move forward and talk about the Fastic application.


Fastic App - Preferred Fasting Time Options

After using the Fastic app for a few months, I’m happy to inform you that it’s a very intuitive and easy to use mobile application. And most importantly, it helps you effectively track and manage your fasting times or your eating vs. non-eating windows above all else. To kick things off, you have the ability of selecting your preferred fasting time so that Fastic can help you with accomplishing that goal. They provide you with beginner fasting times that are best for newbies, expert fasting times that are suitable for all levels, and warrior fasting times that are usually only best for occasions.

For those of you that live the intermittent fasting lifestyle or even if you are new to fasting, you might know that it can be a hassle at times keeping up with your fasting times. It can be easier said that done, and if you are a stickler like me, you want to remember exactly when you had your last meal for peace of mind. Plus, you might enjoy logging into the app periodically to check and see how long you’ve been fasting overall and on that specific day. And most importantly, you might want to see how much time you have left before you finally reach you feeding window. This app helps you do that.

Point Collection System

There is a miniature score tracking collection system built into the Fastic app to make your intermittent fasting journey more exciting. As a personal user on their platform, you can earn Stars as soon as you complete more than 12 hours of fasting and one star per additional hour thereafter. Collecting these stars overtime will enable you to purchase Frosties. A frosty enables you to sit out and skip fasting for one day.  You can also collect a Flame, which is earned for every day you hit your personal fasting goal. You can lose a flame if you skip a day of fasting or miss your personal fasting goal. If you earn Flames for 6 consecutive days in a row, you’ll be rewarded with a Frosty.

Intermittent Fasting Education

Intermittent fasting education is another feature that I enjoy and like about the Fastic app. It educates you as you’re on your fasting journey, which makes it a great option for people who are new to fasting and wish to quickly get up to speed regarding what the benefits of intermittent fasting can be. This can help beginners avoid some common intermittent fasting mistakes.  You can also keep and view your boy status, which shows you how fasting effects the body once you ‘ve finished eating your last meal of the day. Understanding certain things such as: What happen inside your body as you fast, hour by hour – can help make your intermittent fasting journey more enjoyable as you push through those final few hours of your fasting window.


There are several additional features that can be found within the Fastic app. Fastic helps with tracking your overall progress, water intake, your steps, and they even have challenges you can do to make it more exciting.  

  • Water Tracker Tool: Their water tracker tool enables you to set personal daily goals and you can turn on reminders to assist with keeping you on pace.
  • Step Tracker Tool: Their Step Tracker tool enables you to synchronize your fitness data and connect Fastic to apps such as Google fit.
  • Fasting Buddy: You have the capability of adding fasting join with you as you move forward with you intermittent fasting journey. Buddies can motivate you, you can both keep track of each other’s progress and send motivating messages to one another.


Although is ap is Free, hardcore users have the option of upgrading to Fastic Plus via a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month subscription plan. They claim that upgrading to Fastic Plus will help you become 4x more successful with your weight loss goals. Upgrading to Fastic Plus will give you access to personalized nutrition plans tailored to your lifestyle, body type and goals. You’ll get access to simple recipes to assist you with any weight loss goals. Plus, you get a diet plan along with unlocked access to a food guide to help you with the groceries you need. You’ll also get access to the following:

  • Food and Fast (Plus): Food and Fast is a food and drink plan tailored to your fast
  • Challenges (Plus): You will receive recommend challenges based on your preferences to help you form new habits and you can also choose your own challenges.
  • Academy (Plus): The Fastic Academy helps you learn deeper insights about intermittent fasting and how it works to help support your success.


I hope you found my review and overview of the Fastic App to be helpful and informative. The Fastic App can be completely free or cost some money, depending on what features you want to use. But overall, I consider Fastic to be a great option amongst the many intermittent fasting apps that are available today.

Be sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts or give me some feedback.   Also comment below and let me know if you currently use Fastic, have ever used Fastic, or recommend other apps to use for intermittent fasting. If you would like to me to test and review an alternative app, feel free to let me know that and tell me which one – thanks for reading this article!



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